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Survival experts say teen fugitives may be headed for civilization after evading capture for nine days – National Post

July 31st, 2019

Trudging through unpredictable terrain and knee-high swamps with ravenous, swarming insects has dominated the last nine days for Kam McLeod, Bryer Schmegelsky and the team trying to hunt them down in the area around Gillam, Man.

It’s unclear if McLeod, 19 and Schmegelsky, 18 are lugging around supplies, but Sherman Kong, the founder and chief instructor of Maple Leaf Survival in Winnipeg says they may be scrambling to find civilization and restock.

“They may enter small towns and if they end up in a larger city, it’s a totally different discussion,” he said.

“How do they keep up with the news? Are they going to move apart because people expect to see them together, but not so far apart they can’t communicate? Are they going to recruit someone to help?”

It’s a lot easier to find resources and it’s maybe easier to hide in the city

Dave MacDonald, the founder and lead instructor at the International Canadian School of Survival, says doing so may even improve their odds.

“It’s a lot easier to find resources and it’s maybe easier to hide in the city,” he said.

“Everyone knows everyone in the country, people in the city don’t even know their next-door neighbour.”

But whether they do reach a town or stay in the woodlands, the duo’s mentality will be the difference between life, death and capture.

“If they’re not on the same page, you’ll see power struggles, disagreements and their relationship may start to deteriorate,” Kong said.

“If they agree on next steps, like what the ultimate goal is and if it should play out in a certain manner, that could help them in terms of encouragement and keeping each other calm.”

Royal Canadian Mounted Police walk in the woods of Gillam, Man. as they search for Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky, wanted for killing three people in B.C.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police / Reuters – handout

The triple murder suspects have been surviving near the isolated, blue-collar town since they were first spotted in the area on July 22.

The suspects have been reportedly seen multiple times and were stopped while driving for an alcohol check by band constables from the Tataskweyak Cree Nation reserves two hours away from Gillam. Each time, McLeod and Schmegelsky have avoided attention.

The case has dragged on, with the RCMP combing through more than 11,000 km near Gillam, but with no sign of either suspect, the military pulled out of the nationwide search and police are scaling back.

“On a good day, it could take 48 hours to find someone,” Kong said.

“A lot of helicopters are flying relatively low and can make a lot of noise so it wouldn’t be hard for someone trying to evade to suddenly take cover.”

A public warning issued over fugitive murder suspects Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky.


MacDonald says the search teams have it just as hard as the suspects due to the dense conditions.

“It’s exhausting doing aerial searches on the spotting windows. It’s just search with your eyes and they get tired,” he said.

“The heat can be brutal because you’re carrying equipment and gear, maybe even helmets, ballistic goggles … it’s hard for the dogs too, with all the horseflies and mosquitos.”

Gillam is home to black bears, polar bears, wolves and coyotes. It’s also known for its soggy conditions.

“They call Manitoba the land of 100,000 lakes,” said Drew Dunbar, a hunter who works at Manitoba Shiners near Rocky Lake. “You’re beat, you’re tired, you’re wet, you’re cold … but you can survive.

They know how to hide

The alleged killers may use rivers and hydro lines as guides, finding abandoned cabins and trap lines along the way. Navigating through the thick brush on a sweltering day could burn a minimum of 5,000 calories, which is another priority to juggle along with the risk of injury from travelling and illness from water and poisonous plants.

And as suspects on the run, survival is different. Fires at night may attract attention, as will the sound of a gunshot, making self-defence against wild animals challenging. Being teenagers, Kong adds they may be more resilient but also make more irrational decisions.

But the B.C. teens who travelled almost 3,000 km in 10 days may not be amateurs in the woods, according to Schmegelsky’s father, Al.

“Knowing both of them are totally into that, if there was any threat, they would have done what they actually trained themselves to do and they would camouflage themselves in the woods,” he told CHEK news. “They know how to hide.”

Covering that much distance in 10 days also leads Kong to believe they may have more than just the shirts on their backs and hearts in their throats.

“People assumed they have limited supplies, but they came by vehicle. A vehicle carries a lot and we don’t know how much they have,” he said.

A polar bear spotted from an RCMP helicopter during the manhunt for murder suspects Kam McLeod, 19, and Bryer Schmegelsky, 18 near Gillam, Manitoba.

Manitoba RCMP via Reuters

Experience in the outdoors could make it easier to forage for vegetation like cattails and berries and hunt smaller animals in the woods, although, both survival instructors stress it isn’t impossible to tough it out in the woods with no skills.

Manitoba RCMP found an 84-year-old woman with only minor injuries on Monday after she was missing for four days and in 2017, two young German tourists walked more than 100 kilometres in 11 days, ending up in Gillam feeling worn-out, but unharmed.

“Your mind will create a heaven or a hell for you,” Kong said.

“We have to consider the fact that assuming they’re highly motivated, the consequences of them being captured is quite dire — that motivation can help push a person to stay in the bush.”

Back in town, Sandesh, an employee at Gillam’s Kettle River Inn Café says things are returning to normal.

“All the people were frightened for one or two days … now all the people are busy,” he said.

“It’s a mystery, no one knows where they are … but Gilliam is all bush and wild animals, they are probably dead — at least that’s what people are saying.”

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Viral math problem baffles many on Internet: Can you solve 8÷2(2+2)? – Fox News

July 31st, 2019


Can you solve this math problem?

The equation went viral online this week on Twitter causing major confusion over the right answer.


Mathematicians and physicists went nuts about it.

Mike Breen, the Public Awareness Officer for the American Mathematical Society, told Popular Mechanics: “The way it’s written, it’s ambiguous. In math, a lot of times there are ambiguities. Mathematicians try to make rules as precise as possible.”

Depending on where in the world you learned math, as Mashable reported, determines how you can solve the problem.

There is the PEMDAS method: the order of operations is Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction, typically from left to right.

There is also the BODMAS method: Brackets, Orders, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction.

So, the answer is 1.

The answer also is 16.


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Microtransactions Are Coming To Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled – GameSpot

July 31st, 2019

Police investigate reported sightings of Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod in Ontario – New Zealand Herald

July 31st, 2019

Police are investigating several new sightings of teen murder spree suspects Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky in the city of Ontario, more than 2000km from the current search area in the tiny town of Gillam.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) said one of the reports related to a pair of “suspicious” men believed to be McLeod, 19, and Schmegelsky, 18, in the northern Ontario town of Kapuskasing.

The Kapuskasing informant told police they saw the pair driving through a construction site on Highway 11 about 10.30am yesterday.

“The OPP is continuing to investigate this incident and is actively looking for the vehicle,” police told Global News in a statement, reports.


“Officers are urging anyone who sees any suspicious activity or a suspicious vehicle not to approach but to call 911 or the OPP immediately.”

Other reports place the pair at nearby Moonbeam, with a construction worker claiming the pair were travelling in a white Ford Focus.

The worker claimed Schmegelsky showed him a handgun and was wearing the camouflage shirt seen in their wanted poster as well as a green fishing hat.

Manitoba RCMP says it has not sent any resources to Kapuskasing to aid in the search for the vehicle but that could change if any of the new sightings are verified.

Earlier, carried a report of a sighting in Kapuskasing in which a witness claimed to have seen the pair in a “suspicious vehicle”.

The news outlet said police would not initially connect the report to McLeod and Schmegelsky but later confirmed the informant believed the occupants to be the fugitive teens, who have been the targets of a massive national manhunt for 10 days.

The life long friends from Port Alberni in British Columbia have been charged with the second degree murder of university lecturer Leonard Dyck, 64 and are suspects in the double homicide of Australian Lucas Fowler, 23, and his American girlfriend Chynna Deese, 24.

Sgt Shona Camirand, from Ontario police, told the make and model of the car, its exact location and the direction it was heading were not provided. It was unclear whether it was being treated as separate to the Highway 11 sighting.

The last confirmed sighting of the pair was on July 22, when they were unwittingly stopped and released by First Nation police before dumping their getaway car near a rail line outside Gillam in northern Manitoba.

By the time Royal Canadian Mounted Police changed their status from missing persons to murder suspects just one day later, Schmegelsky and McLeod were long gone.

Last week scores of police and military descended on Gillam with SWAT trucks, drones, dogs and military surveillance equipment, combing predator and insect infested swamp and bushland for days without finding any further trace of the pair.

They also searched 500 homes and every vehicle coming in and out of the one-road community of 1200 people and the nearby Fox Cree Nation reserve where the teens’ stolen SUV was abandoned and torched.

In a dramatic turn of events, the massive operation suddenly shifted to the First Nation river town of York Landing after members of voluntary security group Bear Clan Patrol spotted two males matching Schmegelsky and McLeod scavenging for food at the local landfill.

Though compelling, the RCMP Manitoba was unable to substantiate the sighting and authorities have since returned to Gillam to retrace the fugitives’ steps from the burnt-out SUV — the last good evidence of the case.

On Wednesday, two air force planes that joined the search last weekend were withdrawn after nine days of scouring the area.

There have been new sightings of the fugitive pair in northern Ontario. Photo / RCMP
There have been new sightings of the fugitive pair in northern Ontario. Photo / RCMP

“Over the next week, the RCMP will begin to scale down the scope of our search efforts in northern Manitoba,” RCMP Assistant Commissioner Jane MacLatchy said, adding some “tactical and specialised assets” would remain in Gillam.

“Over the last week, we’ve done everything we can to locate the suspects,” she said in a statement.

“We searched every home and every abandoned home in Gillam and Fox Lake Cree nations. We searched rail lines, vast areas of muskeg, dense forests, and brush.

“We conducted searches with dogs, drones, boats, and helicopters and planes. We used some of the most advanced technologies available and received assistance from some of the most skilled search and rescue workers in the country.”

The areas where the two young men were last seen is a vast and impenetrable landscape of thick forest, brush and swamps, swarming with biting insects and inhabited by bears.

Leading Canadian survival expert Dave Arama predicted McLeod and Schmegelsky, who each stand 193cm tall and weight approximately 77kg, would be unlikely to survive more than a week in the wilderness.

“They eat you alive,” Mr Arama, owner of the Ontario-based WSC Survival School, told AAP on Tuesday.

“They won’t stop biting until your eyes close and you can’t see no more.

“Or, if you get enough bites you can go anaphylaxis and then end up in a serious life-threatening reaction.”

Water might be plentiful in northern Canada during summer but instead of keeping the teenagers alive it also could be highly-hazardous.

“If they drink any water it is likely filled with parasites, giardia and they’d get sick as hell from that,” he said.

“I’ll be honest. With 40 years of experience, if you threw me out there with no knife, no tin can, no flint to start a fire, no tarp, no nothing, I’d rather die.

“This is no Crocodile Dundee movie. This is real.”

Mr Fowler, from Sydney, and Ms Deese, from Charlotte in North Carolina, had been travelling through northern British Columbia en route to Alaska when they were found next to their blue Chevrolet van on July 15.

On July 19, Mr Dyck, a University of British Columbia lecturer, was found dead near Lake Dease, two kilometres from the teens’ burnt-out Dodge and almost 500km from where Mr Fowler and Ms Deese’s bodies were discovered.

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OnePlus 7 Pro beats the Google Pixels to the punch with the August security update – PhoneArena

July 31st, 2019

EA CEO Blames Switch Port Performance For Lack Of Support – TechRaptor

July 31st, 2019

Two people test positive for West Nile Virus in Fresno County – KFSN-TV

July 31st, 2019
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — The number of people infected with the West Nile Virus this year – and the growing number of areas where mosquitoes are testing positive – have local health officials concerned.

Two cases have been confirmed in Fresno County.

At least five more Fresno County patients are suspected of having the virus.

120 samples of trapped mosquitoes have tested positive so experts want to send an urgent reminder that you need to protect yourself with repellent and get rid of standing water.

RELATED: Mosquitoes near Fresno State test positive for West Nile Virus

The Culex mosquito, which carries the West Nile Virus, bites during the evening.

Laura Hardwick is one of two Fresno County patients infected with West Nile. She’s being treated at Clovis Community but at this point Hardwick can’t stand or feed herself.

“You never think it’s going to happen to you until it does. And then when it does it hits you like a tornado,” says her husband, Thomas Hardwick.

The two confirmed and five suspected cases lived in different areas – from Clovis to southeast Fresno.

RELATED: Fresno woman hospitalized after being infected with West Nile Virus

Fresno County had 15 West Nile Virus cases confirmed last year but health officials worry this year could be worse if people don’t take preventative steps.

“The positive pool of mosquitoes is concerning right now because that means there are a lot of mosquitoes out there breeding, infected with the West Nile Virus,” says Fresno County educator Leticia Berber.

Steve Mulligan of the Consolidated Mosquito Abatement District says crews have been spraying insecticide in troublesome areas of standing water.

“We’ve also collected positive samples from other cities in our district including Kingsburg, Selma, Fowler, Sanger, Reedley and Fresno and Clovis.”

Mosquito season lasts through October.

SEE ALSO: How to protect yourself from mosquitoes

Your best defense against West Nile and other mosquito-borne diseases remains bug spray.

“Repellents that include deet or picaridin or oil of lemon eucalyptus or IR 3535,” explains Mulligan.

Also, you should get rid of standing water.

Mosquitoes can even lay eggs in water left in a bottle cap.

80% of the people infected with the West Nile Virus don’t show any symptoms.

Older people or those with weakened immune systems will suffer from bad headaches, fever and nausea.

Residents can call their Mosquito Abatement District representative or visit for more information.

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Jane the Virgin creator always knew she’d end her telenovela that way – Entertainment Weekly News

July 31st, 2019

Jane the Virgin creator always knew she’d end her telenovela that way |

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Jed Wyatt’s Ex Reveals If She’s Open to Meeting Hannah Brown – E! NEWS

July 31st, 2019

Jed Wyatt‘s ex-girlfriend Haley Stevens has only the highest regards for The Bachelorette Hannah Brown. There might even be potential for a friendship!

The country star tells E! News exclusively, “I would be so open to talking to her or grabbing a drink with her. It’s definitely the ball is in her court.” And it seems like the two would have a lot to bond over too. They’ve both had their hearts broken by the same man, after all. 

Moreover, Stevens surprisingly feels the desire to apologize to Hannah for her actions, despite being led on by Jed. While Haley should not be held accountable for Jed’s deceit, she says she does want to say sorry for “not fully understanding the emotions that were going to go into this show.”

“I have thought about her every single day about how this must have affected her,” she explains. “It was heartbreaking for me and I can’t imagine how heartbreaking it is for her.”

But Haley’s also totally aware of the fact that Hannah is no damsel in distress. She proved that numerous times throughout her season.

And the musician reveals that Hannah even reached out to wish her the “best.” That simple act of kindness made a huge impact on Haley. She says, “That just shows what a class act she is to be able to step back and not hate me or have ill will for me. I most definitely know that she will find the most happiness because she deserves it after this situation.”

She adds, “I have learned so much in hindsight and watching the show play out and seeing who she is. You just get a completely different picture of who she is and I would love to just apologize and let her know how much I admire and respect her for what she’s been through. And for the heat she’s taken for this to be the end. So much respect for her.”

As great as it would be to clear the air over a few drinks, Haley is more than willing to wait so that Hannah can take full advantage of the experience and have her “time to shine.” 

Meanwhile, Haley is just relishing in living a simple life away from Jed and the drama. “The person I am now, i’m pretty proud of the girl that has come out on the other side.”

Haley is one half of the female country duo Sweet Leah. She has been a successful songwriter in Nashville for years. Friday, Sweet Leah’s debut single “RedNekkid” is being released on all music platforms.

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Jane the Virgin series finale recap: “Chapter 100” is a perfect ending –

July 31st, 2019

The series finale of Jane the Virgin is an hour of pure joy. It’s an hour in which other emotions — all of the big, dramatic telenovela emotions that Jane the Virgin can and has indulged in before, like grief, fear, anger, betrayal — simply aren’t allowed to exist. Any moment that could simmer over into serious conflict is rapidly talked through, resolved, and put to bed before it can cause any damage.

In some ways, that approach is the inverse of the way Jane the Virgin usually tells stories. Since the show premiered on the CW in 2014, Jane the Virgin has built its reputation on pulling off giant, telenovela-style twists and grounding them in sincere emotions.

The show began with Jane, a 23-year-old devout Catholic committed to remaining a virgin until marriage, getting accidentally artificially inseminated. (“I know! Straight out of a telenovela, right?” purred the show’s “Latin Lover” narrator.) Then it made that high-concept premise land by having Jane process the trauma of the accident with her mother and grandmother, and think through whether or not she wanted to get an abortion before she had ever even had sex.

Since that premiere, Jane the Virgin has played with every outlandish trope in the book, and it has always kept its focus on the emotional reality of those tropes. It has had evil twins (but what would that do to your postpartum depression?), and dead characters coming back to life (but what does that do to your sense of identity?), and crime lords who disguise themselves with lifelike rubber masks and will stop at nothing to destroy Jane. (Jane goes to see a therapist to deal with her sense of powerlessness in this situation and learns some anxiety management techniques.)

But in the finale, Jane the Virgin strips away all of those larger-than-life plot twists. It’s already shown us it can do them and now it has nothing to prove. Instead, it takes this final hour to luxuriate in giving its characters a happy ending, and anything that might seem to threaten that happy ending is shooed away.

It’s all pure elation, pure celebration, the kind of episode of television that no other show could ever pull off without feeling saccharine or twee. But Jane the Virgin — with its commitment to showing the full lives of its characters, all the joy and all the grief, from births to weddings to deaths and everything in between — has earned this celebration.

Jane the Virgin’s finale keeps teasing the idea of conflict — and then playfully resolving the conflict at once

Xo (Andrea Navedo), Jane (Gina Rodriguez), and Alba (Ivonne Coll) sit together in night clothes, crying, on their porch swing
This show can’t end without one last porch swing scene.

Part of what makes the joy of this finale stick is how much it’s willing to play with our expectations. Every few minutes, it tosses out an issue that seems like it might become the make-or-break conflict of the episode, the thing that will give us one last wacky spree of shenanigans before we finally see Jane and Rafael safely married off — and then instead, it gleefully resolves that issue almost at once. Jane’s enormous, sunshine-y smile never leaves her face.

At first, it looks as though the issue might be that Jane won’t be able to get her book’s rewritten ending to the galley printers in time for Isabel Allende to get an updated copy and consider blurbing it (yes yes, this show’s portrayal of how book publishing works is nonsense, just go with it), and that maybe she’ll try to sneak out of her wedding preparations to get it there in time. But no, Jane says briskly, she would never do such a thing on her wedding day, and she’s made her peace with Isabel getting an unfinished copy.

But then Rafael decides to do the wacky shenanigan thing instead as a romantic gesture and gets arrested for speeding out of the printing press! Surely that will put a crimp in things?

Nope! Jane gleefully declares the gesture romantic and rushes off to bail him out of jail.

But then Jane gets stuck on a bus on the way to pick him up — in a callback to the first season finale, when Jane gets stuck on a bus on her way to the hospital to give birth — and is almost late for her own wedding! Won’t that be a problem?

Nope! Jane is rich now from her book advance so she pays the bus driver to let her rent it out and now the bus is a whimsical wedding prop!

Complication after complication rears its head, but Jane never falters in her joyous belief that whatever is happening on her wedding day is perfect, so we don’t falter either.

Amid all the exuberance, we do get a single melancholy note. Jane’s parents Xo and Rogelio open the episode by announcing their decision to move to New York, but Xo rapidly backtracks: She doesn’t want to leave Jane and Alba behind in Miami. She doesn’t want to close this chapter in her life and say goodbye to her family.

And so we get one last heartfelt grilled cheese conversation with the three Villanueva women as they talk through what Xo should do next, and one last shot of the three of them sitting together on Alba’s porch swing after Xo decides to move to New York after all, processing the changes that have come to their lives.

But even Xo’s departure isn’t framed as truly sad. It’s just the next step forward for everyone. And it’s a way to give the viewers closure, because we can say goodbye to all of these characters through Xo, secure in the knowledge that we left them in the happiest possible resolution.

Jane the Virgin earned this happy ending. Now it’s letting us all glory in it. And that means that watching this finale feels like floating on a cloud of pure joy.