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At least three dead, 12 injured after mass shooting at garlic festival in California – TVNZ

July 28th, 2019

At least three people are dead, with multiple injuries at a food festival south of San Francisco.

NBC reports that police and emergency services were called to the Gilroy Garlic Festival about 5.30pm (local time) today.

According to the New York Times and multiple other US news agencies, Gilroy city councilman Dion Bracco says there are at least three people dead and 12 injured.

Video from the scene posted online shows people running, with one saying that “someone is shooting”.

The town of Gilroy is about 50km from San Jose.

A witness told NBC news that a white man in his 30s opened fire with a semi-automatic weapon at the festival.

“It was just rapid firing,” Julissa Contreras said. “I could see him shooting in just every direction. He wasn’t aiming at anyone specifically. It was just left to right, right to left.

“He definitely was prepared for what he was doing.”

Gilroy Police have issued a statement saying the scene is “still active.”

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Shooting at California festival kills 3; suspect dead – CTV News

July 28th, 2019

Martha Mendoza and Kathleen Ronayne , The Associated Press
Published Sunday, July 28, 2019 10:47PM EDT
Last Updated Monday, July 29, 2019 8:15AM EDT

GILROY, Calif. — A gunman cut through a fence to avoid security and opened fire at Northern California’s popular Gilroy Garlic Festival, killing three and wounding at least 15 before police fatally shot him as terrified people and performers ran for cover.

Gilroy Police Chief Scot Smithee said the gunman was armed with a rifle and sneaked in through a fence that borders a parking lot next to a creek. He appeared to randomly target people when he opened fire just after 5:30 p.m. Sunday, the conclusion of the three-day festival that attracts more than 100,000 people to the city known as the “Garlic Capital of the World.”

Police responded within a minute, engaged the suspect and killed him, Smithee said.

Some witnesses reported a second suspect, Smithee said, but it was unclear whether that person was armed or simply provided assistance. A manhunt continued late into the night.

Smithee called the scene at the festival a “nightmare you hope you never have to live.”

A 6-year-old boy was one among those killed, his father said. “My son had his whole life to live and he was only 6,” the father of Stephen Romero told NBC Bay Area. “That’s all I can say.”

The wounded were taken to multiple hospitals, and their conditions ranged from fair to critical, with some in surgery Sunday night. At least five were treated and released.

The Gilroy Garlic Festival features food, cooking contests and music. It’s a decades-old staple in the agricultural city of 50,000 about 80 miles (176 kilometres) southeast of San Francisco. Security is tight — festival-goers pass through metal detectors and their bags are searched.

On Sunday, the band TinMan was starting an encore with the song “We’re an American Band” when the shooting started.

Singer Jack van Breen said he saw a man wearing a green shirt and grayish handkerchief around his neck fire into the food area with what looked like an assault rifle. Van Breen and other members of the band dove under the stage.

Van Breen, from nearby Santa Clara, said he heard someone shout: “Why are you doing this?” and the reply: “Because I’m really angry.”

Their audience began screaming and running, and the five members of TinMan and others dove under the stage.

Van Breen’s bandmate, Vlad Malinovsky of Walnut Creek, California, said he heard a lot of shots and then it stopped. Later, law enforcement came by and told the band members and others hiding with them to come out with their hands up.

Taylor Jackson was working at a booth drawing caricatures of festival-goers when she heard gunfire, saw people running and “ran for the hills.” She said her boss ran in the opposite direction. Several hours later, Jackson was at a reunification centre trying to get information on her whereabouts.

Donna Carlson of Reno, Nevada, was helping a friend at a jewelry booth when “all of a sudden it was pop, pop, pop. And I said, ‘I sure hope that’s fireworks.”‘ She got on her hands and knees and hid behind a table until police told her it was safe to leave.

In a tweet, California Gov. Gavin Newsom called the bloodshed “nothing short of horrific” and expressed appreciation for the police response. President Donald Trump tweeted before authorities confirmed the gunman was dead and urged people to “be careful and safe!”

Video posted to social media showed people running in terror as shots rang out.

Evenny Reyes of Gilroy, 13, told the Mercury News that she spent the day at the festival with her friends and relatives.

“We were just leaving and we saw a guy with a bandanna wrapped around his leg because he got shot. And there were people on the ground, crying,” Reyes said. “There was a little kid hurt on the ground. People were throwing tables and cutting fences to get out.”

Reyes said that she didn’t run at first because the gunshots sounded like fireworks.

“It started going for five minutes, maybe three. It was like the movies — everyone was crying, people were screaming,” she said.

Smithee said the festival is a source of pride for the community and that thousands donate their time to make it a success.

“It’s incredibly sad and disheartening that an event that does so much good for our community has to suffer from a tragedy like this,” he said.


Associated Press reporter Mike Balsamo contributed to this story from Washington

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Fortnite World Cup – Solo finals highlights – GamesRadar

July 28th, 2019

Tana Mongeau’s Wedding Dress: Stuns In Gorgeous Full-Length Gown To Marry Jake Paul – Hollywood Life

July 28th, 2019

Tana Mongeau has nearly five million subscribers to impress, and she didn’t disappoint her YouTube fans with her amazing wedding dress.

Tana Mongeau, 21, is the queen of the wild mini dress, from her one dollar Moschino piece for the MTV Movie Awards to a sheer piece featuring topless torsos for VidCon. But she had something different in store for her wedding day! To say “I do” to fellow YouTube star Jake Paul, 22, Tana wore a tight strapless white bodice with lace detailing and a sweetheart neckline on July 28.  Her skirt featured white sequins that hugged her curves. She wore her blonde hair down and in waves and had a gorgeous lace veil over her locks that went all the way down to the floor.. It was the perfect choice for the official union between vlogging royalty, which took place in Las Vegas.

Tana didn’t have much time to find her wedding dress, and we’re impressed with her choice. Jake just proposed to the blonde at her 21st birthday party in Las Vegas on June 24, and just shy of three weeks later, Jake announced to “save the date” for July 28 during Tana’s VidCon panel in Anaheim, CA!

Before tying the knot with the Team 10 founder, Tana wore another dress — that time, a black mini floral piece — to snap engagement photos with her groom-to-be. But Tana and Jake put their own twist on the usual hand-holding, hug-in-a-flower-field type of pre-wedding pictures. We’re talking an (intentional?) wardrobe malfunction and other poses too raunchy to describe, as seen in pictures which otherwise could’ve been Pinterest-friendly that Tana shared on July 10.

Before all the whirlwind wedding plans, Tana was first linked to Jake after filming a Snapchat video in his bed on April 25. One thing led to another (filming a Mukbang in the same bed together, getting matching tattoos, posing as fake parents — those sorts of things) until Tana ended up with a diamond ring on her finger. Before this YouTube couple happened, Jake was dating Erika Costell, 26, while Tana most famously dated Brad Sousa and Bella Thorne, both 21.


Shooting reported at garlic festival in California: Police – Global News

July 28th, 2019

An active shooter was reported at a food festival in California on Sunday and a police spokesman said there are casualties.

Few other details were immediately available.

Videos posted on social media appeared to show festival attendees scattering in confusion as at least one loud popping sound could be heard in the background.

Story continues below

READ MORE: Gunman arrested after 12-hour shooting spree kills 4 in California

“What’s going on?” a woman can be heard asking on one video. “Who’d shoot up a garlic festival?”

Evenny Reyes, 13, told the San Jose Mercury News that at first she thought the sound of gunfire was fireworks. But then she saw someone with a wounded leg.

“We were just leaving and we saw a guy with a bandana wrapped around his leg because he got shot,” Reyes told the newspaper. “There was a little kid hurt on the ground. People were throwing tables and cutting fences to get out.”

WATCH: Video posted to social media appeared to show people running as an active shooter was reported at the Gilroy garlic festival

Founded in 1979, the Gilroy Garlic Festival features food, drink, live entertainment and cooking competitions. It says it is hosted by volunteers and describes itself as the world’s greatest summer food festival.

It was being held at the outdoor Christmas Hill Park, where weapons of any kind are prohibited, according to the event’s website.

To provide a safe, family-friendly atmosphere, it said, entry was refused to anyone wearing clothing or paraphernalia indicating membership in a gang, including a motorcycle club.

Festival officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Gilroy is about 48 km south of San Jose.

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Active shooting at Gilroy Garlic Festival with reports of multiple casualties – – KUSI

July 28th, 2019

GILROY, Calif. (KUSI) – Police are responding to reports of a shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Northern California. There are reports of multiple casualties, but the exact number is not yet known.

The Gilroy Police Department tweeted that the scene is still active. The shooter(s) have not yet been apprehended.

Witnesses reported hearing multiple rounds fired and that some people were down on the ground.

The annual food festival is held at Christmas Hill Park in Gilroy, about 30 miles southeast of San Jose. Sunday was the festival’s final day. It routinely attracts 100,000 people, according to previous attendance records.

This story is still developing.

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Police following tip that B.C. homicide suspects were seen in York Landing, Man. –

July 28th, 2019

GILLAM, Man. — Helicopters, a plane, heavily armed officers and police canine units descended on a northern Manitoba community following a tip that two B.C. homicide suspects were spotted in the area.

RCMP posted an update on Twitter late Sunday afternoon saying they were sending resources to York Landing, roughly 90 kilometres from Gillam by air, to investigate a tip that was Bryer Schmegelsky, 18, and 19-year-old Kam McLeod of Port Alberni, B.C., were in the area.

The duo are charged with second-degree murder in the death of University of British Columbia professor Leonard Dyck and are also suspects in the fatal shootings of Australian Lucas Fowler and his American girlfriend Chynna Deese.

A burned-out Toyota RAV4 the teens were travelling in was found near Gillam last week.

James Favel of the Bear Clan Patrol, an Indigenous-led neighbourhood watch group, said it was some of his group’s volunteers who reported the sighting to police after they saw two suspicious men while patrolling York Landing on Sunday afternoon.

“These two gentleman matched the description that they were looking for so they immediately called RCMP and alerted them to the presence, and now there is all kinds of things happening over there,” Favel, who is the group’s executive director, told the Canadian Press in an interview from Winnipeg.

“These two guys definitely stood out.”

Favel said the pair bolted as soon as they were spotted.

Despite rumours on social media, Leroy Constant, chief of the York Factory First Nation, posted on Facebook on Sunday evening that no one had been apprehended.

“We are urging everyone to remain indoors with windows and doors locked. Patrols of the community will be done on a 24-hour basis,” Constant said.

Mounties issued a tweet requesting that people not disclose officer locations by posting photos of officers in the community to social media.

Savannah Massan, 22, lives near where the two men were possibly spotted. She knew something serious was happening when a local police vehicle started speeding down her street.

“Instantly when you hear the sirens you are going to wonder what’s going on because they never turn the sirens on,” she said.

“And then everything started to get more, I guess, louder as the helicopter came in and the planes came in.”

People are on edge, she added, as they wait for answers and the freedom to move around their community again.

Police said earlier Sunday that they had received more than 200 tips over the course of five days, but none that convinced investigators to believe the pair had left the bug-infested and bog-strewn landscape surrounding the tiny northern Manitoba community of Gillam.

They said it’s critical that all Canadians remain vigilant until the duo is apprehended.

Helped by tracking dogs and drones, police went door to door over the weekend, checking every residence and abandoned building in and around Gillam as townsfolk maintained their own stressful vigil for the fugitives.

The aerial search effort got a boost Saturday with the arrival of a Canadian Air Force CC-130H Hercules aircraft equipped with high tech thermal detection gear.

On Twitter, Mounties posted pictures of armed officers checking doors, shining flashlights into garages and cautiously preparing to enter a shed. One picture from the air about 200 kilometres north of Gillam showed a polar bear roaming a grassy shoreline.

Even though police didn’t think they’d left the area, they said the possibility remained that the suspects managed to somehow sneak out, or that they’d changed their appearance.

It’s all taking a toll on Gillam and several surrounding Indigenous communities, according to one member of the Bear Clan Patrol. Members of the group were invited into the region over the weekend by the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs to help ease residents’ fears.

“Up here, all the towns and communities, they look like ghost towns. Like, everyone’s inside. There’s a high level of stress, anxiety and fearfulness because they’re being kept in their houses,” said Wade Taylor, a Bear Clan Patrol volunteer from Winnipeg, who noted the volunteers weren’t part of the search effort.

“Quite a few people have even left the area altogether, kind of waiting for this to blow over.”

Taylor said almost everyone he talked to shared their thoughts about the search. No one thought the fugitives were in their own community — they believed they were more likely to be in one of the communities nearby, Taylor said.

“Some of the people, you can tell by their voice that they’re almost at the point of breaking down crying,” Taylor said. “You could say it’s traumatic.”

—By Rob Drinkwater in Edmonton and Kelly Geraldine Malone in Winnipeg.

The Canadian Press

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Nintendo Switch gets unofficial Android port – TechRadar

July 28th, 2019

Nintendo Switch gets unofficial Android port  TechRadar

An unofficial Android bootloader for Nintendo Switch has become publicly available, although there are plenty of caveats.

View full coverage on Google News

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Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting Reported To Police | KCBS 740AM | 106.9 FM – KCBS

July 28th, 2019

Authorities were responding to calls that there had been a shooter at the Garlic Gilroy Festival on Sunday. 

A musician performing with a band on stage told KCBS Radio that he saw a gunman dressed in green with what appeared to be an assault rifle. Another member of the band said they sought cover under the stage after hearing what sounded like gunfire around 5:30 p.m. There were about 100 people in the audience at that time in Christmas Hill Park at the end of the three-day festival, he said to KCBS Radio’s Mike Colgan. 

Video posted on Twitter showed a chaotic scene at the country’s largest food festival as visitors screamed and ran.

The Gilroy Police Department has provided few details about the situation, but tweeted a message saying that “the hearts of Gilroy PD and entire community go out to the victims of today’s shooting at the Garlic Festival.”

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said that it had sent agents to the scene. 

This is a developing story. Check back for updates. 

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Watch Janet Weiss and Jim James Join Kermit the Frog at Newport Folk Fest – Pitchfork

July 28th, 2019

Kermit the Frog made a surprise appearance today at Newport Folk Festival 2019, and he was backed by a band that included Janet Weiss on drums. Halfway through a performance of “Rainbow Connection,” Kermit told the audience, “Please welcome my friend, Jim James!” The My Morning Jacket frontman came out and sang the final half of the song as a duet with Kermit. Watch it all happen below.

Weiss announced earlier this month that she was no longer a member of Sleater-Kinney. Yesterday at Newport Folk Festival, Dolly Parton made a surprise appearance during Brandi Carlile and the Highwomen’s set.

The Muppet Movie is returning to theaters this week in honor of its 40th anniversary. Read “The Muppets’ Best Musical Moments” on the Pitch.

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