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What to expect at an Apple October event – Cult of Mac

October 1st, 2019

Rancher continues to receive support as justice minister hears rural crime concerns at Okotoks town hall – Calgary Herald

October 1st, 2019

Rancher Eddie and his wife Jessica Maurice were among many who came out for a rural crime town hall meeting with the Hon. Doug Schweitzer Minister of Justice and Solicitor General at the Foothills Centennial Centre in Okotoks on Tuesday, October 1, 2019. Darren Makowichuk/Postmedia

A recent lawsuit filed against southern Alberta rancher Edouard (Eddie) Maurice was a central topic at a town hall in Okotoks on Tuesday evening, as residents from the area brought their concerns about rural crime directly to Justice Minister Doug Schweitzer.

Maurice and his wife, Jessica, sat in the front row as locals raised issues including police response times and worries of facing similar lawsuits as a result of defending their properties.

MLA R.J. Sigurdson called the civil lawsuit absurd and said the Maurices are victims of rural crime.

“My hope is with the support of this community we can assist Eddie and his family and set a precedent that this completely absurd manipulation of our civil justice system will not be tolerated,” he said.

Maurice was accused of shooting a trespasser in February 2018 after he fired warning shots when he encountered two people rummaging through his vehicles on his property near Okotoks. He is now being sued for $100,000 by Ryan Watson, whose arm was injured and required surgery after the confrontation.

Maurice had faced charges of aggravated assault, pointing a firearm and careless use of a firearm, but the Crown dropped its case against him in June last year.

An online fundraiser in support of Maurice has raised more than $43,000 for his legal costs.

Rancher Eddie and his wife Jessica Maurice were among many who came out for a rural crime town hall meeting with the Hon. Doug Schweitzer Minister of Justice and Solicitor General at the Foothills Centennial Centre in Okotoks on Tuesday, October 1, 2019. Darren Makowichuk/Postmedia

Premier Jason Kenney was among the supporters, with a $100 contribution to the campaign. Kenney said he made the contribution as a citizen, and in a recent Facebook post he encouraged others to pitch in to help Maurice and his family.

Tuesday’s town hall was part of Schweitzer’s tour to meet with residents, business owners, community partners and elected officials about rural crime.

Robert Laird said he attended the meeting because he is a victim of crime. A couple of years ago, his property was broken into and a large amount of personal property was stolen and never recovered. Since then, he and his neighbours have installed alarm systems and gates in front of their properties, he said.

“I don’t see the patrols out in the rural area that I would like to see,” said Laird, a retired RCMP officer.

“I think that they are more reactive than proactive. If they were out patrolling in the rural area more than they are now, they would perhaps catch these people. These people who commit these crimes know the police are not out there.”

Rancher Eddie and his wife Jessica Maurice were among many who came out for a rural crime town hall meeting with the Hon. Doug Schweitzer Minister of Justice and Solicitor General at the Foothills Centennial Centre in Okotoks on Tuesday, October 1, 2019. Darren Makowichuk/Postmedia

The minister met with elected officials and rural crime watches from the area before the public meeting. Schweitzer said many of the ideas that have been proposed during his tour over the past month “are going to become new policy for this province,” with some changes to be announced soon.

“Lots of amazing ideas,” he told reporters. “Albertans care about this issue. They’re passionate about it. And that’s why they’re showing up to these town halls across Alberta.”

Schweitzer said while there is “a tough budget coming up,” that doesn’t mean the province will compromise on the rural crime file.

“We’re going to tackle this head on,” he said.

— With files from The Canadian Press 

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Motorola One Macro leaks on a Saudi retailer, revealing design and macro camera – XDA Developers

October 1st, 2019

Call of Duty Mobile Controller Support for PS4 and Xbox devices? Activision gives update – Express

October 1st, 2019

Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Reportedly Split After 2 Years – HuffPost

October 1st, 2019

Kylie Jenner and boyfriend Travis Scott are reportedly taking time apart after two years of dating.

Sources connected to both the Kylie Cosmetics beauty mogul and the rapper have said the pair decided to take a break after a rough patch, both TMZ and E! News reported. 

“Kylie and Travis aren’t officially calling it quits on their relationship but are taking space apart,” a source reportedly told E! News. “It’s not a firm split. They’ve been fighting again, but have still seen each other within this last month.”

“They fight over ridiculous things and Kylie can be very skeptical about Travis. Travis has been stressed with dropping new music,” E! News reported.

The two have been dating since 2017. Their daughter, Stormi Webster, was born in February 2018. 

The two will continue to share parenting of Stormi and will keep her as their “number 1 priority,” TMZ reported.

Neither Jenner nor Scott have confirmed the break. However, TMZ pointed out that Jenner had appeared at Justin and Hailey Bieber’s wedding without Scott, and he hadn’t been featured on her Instagram since September. 


Amber Alert cancelled as 5 children from Niagara Region remain missing – Global News

October 1st, 2019

An Amber Alert has been cancelled for five children allegedly taken by their father from Jordan, Ont., even though they are still missing.

The alert was issued by the Ontario Provincial Police at the request of Niagara Regional Police just before 5 p.m. ET on Tuesday.

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Police said in a statement the children, who range between five and 14 years old, were last seen in Jordan, west of St. Catharines. Officers alleged the children were taken from the family home sometime between Sept. 19 and Sept. 25.

“The children are subject to a temporary custody order and their father is currently in contravention of the order by failing to return them. Detectives are concerned for the welfare and safety of the children,” Const. Phil Gavin told reporters Tuesday evening.

“We are asking the public to be alert for these people and if anyone has information we’re asking them to contact their local police as soon as they can.”

He said a missing person report was filed by Family and Children’s Services Niagara some time up to 24 hours before the alert was issued.

Gavin said officers believe the family might be heading to Toronto and could be travelling in a gold or beige pick-up truck, but their current whereabouts are “unknown.” The licence plate is currently known. He noted the family previously lived in Toronto and may have family or friends in the area.

Just after 10:10 p.m. ET, Amber Alert Ontario said on Twitter that the alert was cancelled.

“Children have not been located, investigation continued,” the agency wrote.

“To provide information, please contact Ontario Provincial Police or Niagara Regional Police at 911.”

The father was identified as 49-year-old Ian Glenn MacDermid. He was described as being six feet tall and weighing approximately 280 pounds. Police said he has blue eyes, blond hair and a beard.

WATCH: How do Amber Alerts work?

The children were identified as five-year-old Evelyn, 10-year-old Mattias, 11-year-old Sovereign, 13-year-old Eska and 14-year-old Magnus MacDermid.

Police described Evelyn as being three-foot-eight, weighing about 40 pounds, and having brown hair and brown eyes.

Mattias was described as being four-foot-eight, weighing about 80 pounds, and having brown hair and brown eyes.

READ MORE: Calls for changes to Amber Alert system getting louder

Sovereign was described as being five-foot-two, weighing about 140 pounds, and having brown hair and brown eyes.

Eska was described as being five-foot-one, weighing about 70 pounds, and having long brown hair and brown eyes.

Magnus was described as being five-foot-six, weighing about 110 pounds, and having black, spikey hair and brown eyes.

More to come.

Map of Jordan, Ont.

Map of Jordan, Ont.

Global News

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Toronto police receive complaints about Amber Alert issued for 5 missing children – CTV News

October 1st, 2019

Cillian O’Brien
Published Tuesday, October 1, 2019 10:22PM EDT
Last Updated Tuesday, October 1, 2019 11:52PM EDT

TORONTO — Toronto police say they have again received calls from people complaining about an Amber Alert, this one issued on Tuesday evening to help find five missing children.

Officer Alex Li took to Twitter appealing to the public to show “compassion and understanding” rather than frustration over the alerts.

“The Toronto Police and Toronto Police Service Operations have been receiving calls from the public complaining about the Amber Alert,” he wrote.

“Please do not call police to complain, instead find compassion and have the understanding to help locate these children! Amber Alerts are issued for a reason.”

The alert was issued by the Niagara Regional Police Service shortly before 5 p.m. for five children allegedly abducted by their father sometime between Sept. 19 and Sept. 25. It expired later that evening, but police said the children were still missing.

Evalyn, 5, Mattias, 10, Sovereign MacDermid, 11, Eska, 13, and Magnus, 14, were last seen in Jordan in the town of Lincoln, Ont., around 50 kilometres east of Hamilton.

The children’s father Ian MacDermid is described as being six feet tall and 280 pounds, with blue eyes and brown hair and facial hair, and was last seen driving a gold or beige pickup truck.

“Requesting an Amber Alert is not something we take lightly,” Niagara police media relations office Const. Phil Gavin told CTV News Channel.

“We recognize that we’ve impacted thousands of people around this province but we wouldn’t do that if we didn’t believe it to be important.

“We know that the Amber Alerts … in the past year, (show that) people don’t remain in the community where it (the abduction) occurred — they travel,” he said.

“So just because you live a distance away from Niagara doesn’t mean they couldn’t be in your neighbourhood.”

The five previous Amber Alerts issued this year in Ontario, some of which have taken place in the middle of the night, have all attracted complaints from the public.

A Toronto woman has called on the Ontario government to fine those who waste emergency dispatcher’s time with complaints.

— With files from The Canadian Press

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Sony puts PlayStation’s ‘Games of a Generation’ on sale – Engadget

October 1st, 2019

Border officers mistakenly gave RCMP passcodes to Meng Wanzhou’s phone –

October 1st, 2019

Canada Border Services Agency officers who seized Meng Wanzhou’s phones, laptop and tablet when she arrived at Vancouver’s airport in December 2018 later mistakenly gave the phone passcodes to the RCMP.

Lawyers for Canada’s attorney general admitted the error in B.C. Supreme Court on Tuesday as they tried to shoot down a theory that the CBSA and RCMP had conspired to violate the Huawei chief financial officer’s rights at the time of her arrest.

Meng’s lawyers claim the agencies acted at the behest of the RCMP to conduct a “covert criminal investigation” against their client.

But Crown lawyer Diba Majzub told B.C. Supreme Court Associate Chief Justice Heather Holmes that one error doesn’t prove a larger conspiracy.

“When we consider this part of the process, and the fact that there was an error — that has to be looked at in the entire context,” said Majzub.

“The fact of an error in the process is not an air of reality that the process was a sham.”

Accused of violating U.S. sanctions

The Crown has spent the past two days refuting the defence allegation that Meng was the victim of an abuse of process when she was screened and questioned by CBSA officers before being officially arrested on an extradition warrant.

American prosecutors want the 47-year-old sent to the U.S. to stand trial for allegedly violating U.S. sanctions against Iran by lying to banks about Huawei’s control of a hidden subsidiary.

CBSA officers asked Meng Wanzhou for the passcodes for her phones when they seized her electronic devices. They later passed those codes in error to the RCMP. (B.C. Supreme Court)

The company — which Huawei claimed was a “local partner” in Tehran — was accused of attempting to sell American telecommunications equipment in violation of the U.S. regulations.

Prosecutors claim Meng’s alleged misrepresentations placed financial institutions at risk of breaking the law.

Meng is living under house arrest in a multimillion dollar home on Vancouver’s West Side; she has denied the allegations.

Law allows CBSA to seize and search phones

Meng’s extradition hearing is set to begin in January 2020, but this week her lawyers are trying to convince Holmes to issue an order for records to bolster their abuse of process claim.

The Crown has said the CBSA and RCMP acted appropriately, making sure that Meng was screened for admissibility before she was arrested.

CBSA officers seized Meng Wanzhou’s laptop along with her phones and other electronic devices. Crown lawyers claim they were within their rights to do so. (B.C. Supreme Court)

Majzub argued that the law allows border officers to take phones from travellers, ask them for the passcodes and even to search them — all in the name of deciding if someone should be allowed into the country.

He said CBSA officers had legitimate reason to question Meng and to take her electronic devices because of the existence of fraud allegations which suggested she might be ineligible because of serious criminality.

Majzub said the law allows CBSA officers to search all “goods” crossing the border with travellers — and that the definition of “goods” includes cellphones.

‘They did not access the devices’

Meng was carrying an iPhone 7 Plus, an IPad Pro, a Macbook Air and a Huawei Mate 20 phone when CBSA officers met her on the jetway after she landed in Vancouver on arrival from Hong Kong.

According to the defence, the FBI had asked that the devices be immediately seized and placed in special bags designed to ensure that their contents could not be remotely wiped.

Meng Wanzhou is flanked by security guards as she heads to B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver. The terms of her bail require 24/7 monitoring. (Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press)

The CBSA officers who took the phones also compelled Meng to give them the passcodes.

The Crown lawyers claim the devices have never been searched, but were passed to police by mistake.

In an email included in an affidavit filed with the court, Vancouver airport CBSA chief of passenger operations Nicole Goodman said she wrote to the RCMP after learning of the error.

“I advised the RCMP the passcodes should not have been provided by CBSA as the passcodes were CBSA information obtained during the CBSA examination, and that the passcodes could not be used to access the devices nor shared with a third party (ie. other law enforcement agency),” Goodman wrote.

“The RCMP confirmed they did not access the devices, and do not intend to access the devices at any time as it was not their investigation.”

‘Not a deliberate action’

In order to reach a decision, Holmes has to decide whether there is an “air of reality” to the theory the defence has put forward — not whether a conspiracy actually exists.

Holmes asked Majzub what he had to say about the fact the passcodes were passed between the agencies.

He asked her to consider the extraordinary powers of the CBSA and their duties to screen passengers thoroughly, suggesting that any mistake considered out of context can be misleading.

“When Your Ladyship does that, the result should be the conclusion that that was not a deliberate action but an error,” Mazjub said.

Meng has attended the proceedings in person, walking past a phalanx of cameras daily as she leaves her home to head to the downtown courthouse each morning.

According to the court documents, Meng owns homes in both Hong Kong, where protestors have been marching against authoritarian rule and in Shenzhen in Mainland China, where Huawei has its headquarters.

As China marked the 70th anniversary of Communist rule with a show of force, Meng wore a Chinese flag pin on a long red dress which hung just above the ankle monitor she wears as part of her release.

The court proceedings are expected to last all week.

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Super Mario Maker 2 version 1.1.0 update now available, adds “Play with Friends,” “LAN Play,” and more – Gematsu

October 1st, 2019