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After a decade of League of Legends, Riot to expand with new games – Ars Technica

October 15th, 2019

First look at Google’s Pixel 4 and its new features | CNA Lifestyle – CNA

October 15th, 2019

Meghan Markle Casually Rewore Her Engagement Announcement Dress Because She Is A Practical Duchess – BuzzFeed

October 15th, 2019

Meghan Markle’s Engagement Announcement Dress And All Of The Other Outfits She Has Reworn back to top


‘League of Legends: Wild Rift’ will land on mobile and consoles in 2020 – Engadget

October 15th, 2019

Klobuchar clashes with Warren on health care: There’s a difference between a plan and a pipe dream – CNN

October 15th, 2019

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) went after Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for her support of the “Medicare for All” single-payer health care plan during the Democratic presidential debate, saying “the difference between a plan and a pipe dream is something that you can actually get done.”

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Legends of Runeterra – Overview Trailer – IGN

October 15th, 2019

Flu hospitalizations prompt Southern Utah health officials to urge vaccination – St George News

October 15th, 2019

ST. GEORGE — Health officials are reminding residents of the importance of getting the flu vaccine after at least one person in Southern Utah has been hospitalized for influenza.

The Utah Department of Health began monitoring the flu season on Sept. 29, and as of Monday, the department has reported that four people have been hospitalized for influenza. The four people are spread throughout three regions: Davis County, Salt Lake County and Southwest Utah.

David Heaton, the Southwest Utah Public Health Department public information officer, told St. George News that as the virus begins to work its way around, officials always encourage people to get their annual vaccines at the beginning of every flu season in September and October.

“It’s the best defense we have right now against getting infected with influenza,” he said.

The vaccine is adapted each year because the virus mutates, but Heaton said physicians are working on the technology to create a one-time vaccine that would protect an individual throughout their lifetime.

The flu is an extremely contagious virus that causes respiratory illness, affecting the nose, throat and lungs. Influenza has proven to be fatal in some circumstances. Symptoms of influenza may include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, muscle or body aches, headaches and fatigue. Children are also likely to experience vomiting or diarrhea.

“The flu might seem common to people, but it can still be pretty deadly,” Heaton said.

The most vulnerable population has been those above the age of 65 years old, pregnant women, infants and those with chronic health conditions. People in vulnerable populations are most likely to be hospitalized if they do catch the illness, Heaton said.

Heaton said influenza is the only contagious disease remaining in the top 10 causes of death in the U.S., alongside cancer and heart disease. The illness is the cause of thousands of deaths every year, either directly or indirectly through complications like pneumonia.

Last year, 1,791 people in Utah were hospitalized due to influenza, and Southwestern Utah made up 160 of those patients. Southwest Utah also had the highest concentration of influenza-like illnesses, being the only region in the state to reach a designation of “low” while all other areas were labelled “minimal.”

While influenza A was the strand that most people experienced, the most common subtypes of influenza A viruses found in people were the H1N1 and H3N2 viruses. Those with influenza A made up about 75% of people who tested positive for the flu.

About 61% of the almost 1,800 people hospitalized for influenza during the 2018-19 flu season were 50 years old or older.

“Last year was probably our worst flu year in the United States since the 2009 pandemic,” Heaton said.

Flu vaccines are administered in a number of locations, and the best way to avoid the flu is by getting vaccinated each year, Heaton said. There are steps residents can take to prevent the spread of the virus, including washing hands, covering a cough or sneeze and staying home from work or school when sick.

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Riot Games’ Arcane – Reveal Trailer – IGN

October 15th, 2019

Gina Rodriguez said the n-word on Instagram, then issued a weak apology –

October 15th, 2019

Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez found herself facing a social media backlash Tuesday afternoon, after she posted an Instagram story in which she used the n-word.

Rodriguez has since deleted the video and apologized in a follow-up Instagram story. But many have dismissed the apology as insincere, in part because this incident comes after several others where Rodriguez made statements that raised eyebrows on social media and seemed to paint her as having a less-than-respectful attitude toward black people. Consequently, many black social media users have taken Tuesday’s n-word incident as concrete evidence that the actor is anti-black.

In the now-deleted post, Rodriguez, who has Puerto Rican heritage, was rapping along with the Fugees’ song “Ready or Not” — including a line in which vocalist Lauryn Hill sings the n-word, a major breach of etiquette on Rodriquez’s part.

Social media users quickly lambasted the video, flooding Twitter with negative reactions and advice for the actress:

Rodriguez quickly deleted the offending post and replaced it with what was deemed a backhand non-apology by many. “I am sorry if I offended anyone by singing along to The Fugees, to a song I love that I grew up on,” she said. But onlookers pointed out that she didn’t actually apologize for using the racial slur, making the post seem patronizing and disingenuous.

The “gotcha!” vibe was strong on Twitter, where Rodriguez became a trending topic, with many users literally reacting with variants of “we finally got you,” alluding to the actor’s history of controversial moments regarding race.

Meanwhile, supporters of Rodriguez lamented “cancel culture” for claiming someone over what they viewed as either a clear overreaction or an inconsistently applied moral standard:

Though many of Rodriguez’s fans were supportive, many upset observers were quick to point out that this is just the latest in several incidents in which Rodriguez seemed to dismiss black issues.

Rodriguez has a history of raising speculation about her attitude toward black people — and putting her foot in her mouth

Wariness of Rodriguez’s attitudes toward race dates back to 2017, when Rodriguez tweeted, in what seemed to be an implicit response to the predominantly black cast of the Marvel film Black Panther, to ask where the Latinx actors were in such blockbusters.

“Marvel and DC are killing it in inclusion and women but where are the Latinos?! Asking for a friend…” Rodriguez tweeted in July 2017. The tweet has since been deleted.

Fast forward to September 2018, when Rodriguez raised eyebrows again during a press run for the animated film Smallfoot. When Rodriguez and her co-star Yara Shahidi spoke with entertainment journalist Blogxilla, Blogxilla commented to Shahidi that she was an inspiration to “so many Black women.”

“So many women,” Rodriguez interjected, at which point Blogxilla, who is black, explained that “for black women, we need people on a whole ‘nother level.” Many critics interpreted Rodriguez’s comment as an attempt to co-opt a conversation about black identity.

The interview sparked conversations and speculation about Rodriguez’s seemingly critical views on empowerment of black people in the industry. Those conversations continued the following month, when Rodriguez co-hosted, with the Latina actor America Ferrera, a Latina “power lunch” whose attendees were noticeably light-skinned; with the exception of Rosario Dawson, it appeared that no Afro-Latina women were present, raising questions about how many the two hosts had actually invited.

Then, in November 2018, Rodriguez incorrectly claimed while participating in a roundtable discussion about diversity and pay equity in Hollywood that black and Asian actresses are paid more in Hollywood than Latina actresses. At the time Rodriguez made the claim, the highest-paid actress on television was a Latina actress — Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara — while only one black woman, Scandal’s Kerry Washington, made the list of TV’s highest-paid women.

In response to the backlash she received for this error, Rodriguez subsequently appeared on the radio show Sway in the Morning, where she tearfully described the reaction as “devastating.” But then she went one step further by describing her father as ”dark-skinned,” rather than apologizing for the mistake, in a speech that many read as tone-deaf:

The black community was the only community I looked towards growing up. We didn’t have many Latino shows, and the black community made me feel like I was seen. To get [called] anti-black is [like] saying I’m anti-family. My father is dark-skinned, he’s Afro-Latino. My cousins — Puerto Ricans are African, Taino, and Spaniard, and it’s in my blood. So that was devastating to me. And I know my heart. I know what I meant. And I really wish we weren’t living in a culture where we’re clickbait, because I’ve never said anything controversial about anybody.

Rodriguez’s father, Gino Rodriguez, is a well-known boxing referee, and some found Rodriguez’s description of him as “dark-skinned” to be a stretch.

Others pointed out that Rodriguez seemed unwilling to simply say she was wrong and apologize.

It was a theme that resurfaced after this week’s n-word incident, when many fans not only read her apology as insincere but also voiced the frustration that not only do these types of moments keep happening, but that Rodriguez seems unwilling or unable to learn why they are hurtful.

But as many people were also quick to point out, the rumors swirling about Rodriguez’s anti-black sentiments have yet to hurt her career; Netflix cast her as the lead in its reboot of Carmen Sandiego, and she starred in the Netflix rom-com Something Great earlier this year.

The latest incident seems to have sparked a larger conversation about Rodriguez’s controversial past comments regarding race. Perhaps it might also create a new opportunity for Rodriguez — a chance to listen and learn.


Actress Felicity Huffman Reports To Federal Prison – NPR

October 15th, 2019

Actress Felicity Huffman leaves federal court after her sentencing in a nationwide college admissions bribery scandal in Boston last month. Elise Amendola/AP hide caption

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Elise Amendola/AP

Actress Felicity Huffman leaves federal court after her sentencing in a nationwide college admissions bribery scandal in Boston last month.

Elise Amendola/AP

Actress Felicity Huffman reported to a federal prison in northern California to serve her 14-day sentence for her part in the unfolding college admissions scandal that saw affluent parents use bribery and other illegal means to get their children into elite educational institutions.

The 56-year old star of Desperate Housewives surrendered herself to authorities at the low-security Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, Calif., about 35 miles east of San Francisco. She entered the facility earlier than her court-ordered date of October 25.

Huffman had pleaded guilty to paying $15,000 to arrange for her daughter’s SAT score to be falsified. She was also fined $30,000, must perform 250 hours of community service and spend a year on probation. She is the first parent sentenced in the scandal.

At her sentencing, a remorseful Huffman told the judge, “I was frightened. I was stupid, and I was so wrong.”

The actress “is prepared to serve the term of imprisonment Judge (Indira) Talwani ordered as one part of the punishment she imposed for Ms. Huffman’s actions,” according to a statement by the TASC Group which represents Huffman as quoted by the Associated Press.

Actress Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli are among some 50 other parents who have been charged in the scandal. Unlike Huffman, they have not pleaded guilty.

U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling of the District of Massachusetts, the supervising prosecutor, said Loughlin should expect a tougher sentence than Huffman if she is convicted. He told a Boston TV station earlier this month, “I don’t think I’d be giving away any state secrets by saying we would probably ask for a higher sentence for her than we did for Felicity Huffman.”