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July 14th, 2020

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July 14th, 2020

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July 13th, 2020

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July 13th, 2020

Trudeau Adopts a Now-Familiar Tone of Contrition After WE Charity Scandal – The New York Times

July 13th, 2020

After digging in his heels for days, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada changed tack on Monday and apologized for taking part in a decision to award a no-bid government contract to a charity deeply connected to his family.

The apology came four days after it was revealed that the prime minister’s mother and brother had received more than $200,000 over four years to give speeches at events for the development organization, called the WE Charity, which had been awarded a government contract to oversee the disbursement of hundreds of millions of dollars of student grants.

“I made a mistake in not recusing myself immediately from the discussions given our family’s history, and I’m sincerely sorry about not having done that,” said Mr. Trudeau from outside his Ottawa home, during one of the briefings he has given regularly since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

At Monday’s news conference, the virus took a back seat to a sustained grilling from reporters about the charity scandal.

The controversy began brewing earlier this month, when opposition politicians demanded an investigation into the government’s approval of the contract to the charity to distribute about $660 million in grants to student volunteers affected by the weakened economy.

The prime minister, who said Monday that the contract was selected by the country’s civil service, has spoken at many of WE Charity’s events, and his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, hosts a podcast connected to the charity.

Then, last Thursday, it was revealed the charity had paid Mr. Trudeau’s mother and brother a total of $207,000, about 282,000 Canadian dollars, for speaking engagements.

The country’s ethics commissioner has already launched an investigation into the affair, marking the third time the prime minister has been investigated for breaking conflict-of-interest rules since coming to power in 2015 on a promise of openness and transparency.

Both previous times, he was found in breach of the rules, which badly damaged his brand. His Liberal Party only narrowly won re-election last year.

“The question is, ‘Does the scandal go away, or does it continue?’” said Shachi Kurl, the executive director of the Angus Reid Institute, a Canadian nonprofit polling firm based in Vancouver. “A lot of that is out of his control. It’s down to what the opposition parties do.”

She noted that the prime minister’s approval rating, which has soared over the past four months because of his perceived deft handling of the coronavirus, had dropped to 50 percent according to data her firm released Monday.

So far, the scandal has not shown signs of abating, as revelations have arisen about other people in Mr. Trudeau’s inner circle with personal connections to the charity.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau, whose daughter works in the charity’s travel department, also apologized on Monday. “I did not recuse myself from the discussions on this topic and, given the fact that my daughter works for the organization in an unrelated branch, I now realize I should have in order to avoid any perception of conflict,” he said in a Twitter post.

Craig and Marc Kielburger, who founded the WE Charity together, took out a full-page ad in The Globe and Mail, a national newspaper, on Monday stating they “had made mistake that we sincerely regret” and that the last two weeks had led them to “more closely examine our own internal structures, governance and organization.”

The charity said it would waive all the administrative costs incurred in setting up the program and would return government funds already received. The charity had been slated to receive a total of $14 million for overseeing the program.

Mr. Trudeau has developed a reputation in Canada for delivering contrite apologies, both for historical government transgressions and for his own personal mistakes, including going to parties in blackface and brownface as a student and young teacher.

At Monday’s news conference, Mr. Trudeau said he was most sorry students would not get access as quickly to the aid program, established to award some students up to 5,000 Canadian dollars in grants for doing volunteer work. The government took over the program after the scandal surfaced.

With no election on the horizon, it’s unlikely the scandal will deeply damage Mr. Trudeau, said Lori Turnbull, director of the school of public administration at Dalhousie University in Halifax.

“It’s not a terribly damning apology. It’s quite clever. He’s not saying the decision was wrong, he’s saying he shouldn’t have been at the table for it,” she said. “I think this is very, very low risk for him.”

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OnePlus is giving away the first ten Nord 5G smartphones via Twitter – PhoneArena

July 13th, 2020

Report: Apple faces nearly $1 billion penalty from Samsung for ordering too few OLED screens – 9to5Mac

July 13th, 2020

Return of North American economy will negate need for tariffs, Trudeau tells Trump –

July 13th, 2020

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged Donald Trump to think twice Monday before imposing new tariffs on Canadian aluminum, saying the sector is emerging from the pandemic-induced production stance that prompted the White House to consider such measures in the first place. 

Trudeau, who said in a news conference he had spoken to the U.S. president earlier in the day, told him that with the North American economy getting back up to speed, Canada’s aluminum smelters would soon be back producing value-added specialty products for the American auto sector. 

The spectre of new tariffs emerged last month after Canadian producers, unable to shut down production and with their usual customers hamstrung by the impact of COVID-19, were forced to make a more generic form of aluminum and ship it to warehouses in the United States. 

That alarmed certain U.S. smelter owners and operators, who have been urging the U.S. trade representative’s office to slap fresh levies on imports from Canada. 

The pandemic “caused certain disruption in the aluminum sector that is starting to realign itself, given the economies are starting up again and manufacturing is getting going,” Trudeau said after his call with Trump.

“I impressed upon him that it would be a shame to see tariffs come in between our two countries at a time where we’re celebrating NAFTA and at a time where we want our businesses and our manufacturers to get going as quickly as possible.” 

Canada has been on the outside looking in when it comes to the coming into force of NAFTA’s successor, the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, which took shape in 2017 and 2018 before a backdrop of steadily worsening relations between Trump and Trudeau. 

While Trump welcomed Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to a celebratory event at the White House last week, Trudeau kept his distance, citing the tariff dispute and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic among his reasons. 

A readout from Monday’s call said the prime minister “expressed regret” for being unable to attend.  

The U.S. trade representative reportedly gave Canada a deadline of July 1 to impose export restrictions — the very day the USMCA took effect. 

U.S. cases spike

That deadline has come and gone without a hint from either the White House or U.S. trade ambassador Robert Lighthizer about what happens next. 

Trudeau said he and Trump also discussed the Canada-U.S. border, where non-essential travel has been curtailed since March in an effort to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

The 30-day bilateral agreement to limit discretionary cross-border travel without restricting trade or essential workers has been extended three times and is now set to expire July 21. 

Since the last extension, however, the public health crisis in the U.S. has exploded. More than 100,000 new COVID-19 cases were identified over the weekend, particularly in southern states that reopened early, with Florida emerging as the new epicentre. Canada has had 108,000 confirmed cases in total, compared with more than 3.3 million cases and 135,000 deaths in the U.S. to date. 

A closed border

Hospitals in major urban centres across the United States are again nearing capacity and health care workers face another critical shortage of personal protective equipment like masks and respirators.

Recent polls suggest Canadians remain unequivocally opposed to reopening the border any time soon — a predictable symptom of the accelerating crisis in the U.S., said Kathryn Friedman, a University at Buffalo law professor and Wilson Center global fellow. 

But there could be other lingering foreign-policy irritants at play, she added. 

“I wonder if the United States had treated our dear neighbour, friend and ally a little bit better over the last three-and-a-half or so years, if the reaction would be as harsh,” Friedman said. “Maybe people are just like, ‘Well, too bad, I don’t care if you want to open the border.”‘

Friedman is among several Canada-U.S. experts, border community leaders, northern state lawmakers and others who want to see a plan for when the time comes to lift the restrictions. 

“I think we have to have this conversation,” she said. “I think we have to engage the right people now, so that when the border restrictions are eased, whenever that’s going to be, they are done so responsibly.” 

It’s less a question of when and more a question of how, Friedman said — what sort of controls, testing and screening measures and other tools will need to be in place even after the emergency has passed. 

“I’m more concerned that the climate will change, and some relevant government officials won’t have given any thought to how this border opening is going to take place,” she said. 

“We have to get our act together and really think more clearly about how we’re going to handle these kinds of situations in the future, and really use science-based data — an evidence-based, science-based approach — to health screenings when it comes to border restrictions and border policies.”

Trudeau demurred Monday when asked whether this time, Canada and the U.S. might negotiate a closure that lasts longer than the standard 30-day window. 

“We will be discussing with our American partners what the next steps should be, and I think this is a situation that is evolving rapidly and we need to keep responding to the situation on the ground.”

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Rocket Arena – Official Every Character Trailer – IGN

July 13th, 2020

Body found in search of California lake where Glee star Naya Rivera went missing –

July 13th, 2020

A body was found Monday at a Southern California lake during the search for Glee star Naya Rivera, authorities said.

The body was discovered five days after the 33-year-old Rivera disappeared on Lake Piru, where her son was found July 8 alone a few hours after the two rented a boat, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office said.

Authorities would not immediately say if the person found was Rivera but said the day after she disappeared that they believed she drowned in the lake northwest of Los Angeles. A 2 p.m. PT press conference was scheduled.

The lake, an hour’s drive from Los Angeles, was searched by dozens of divers working in waters with little visibility, with help above from helicopters, drones and all-terrain vehicles.

Rivera played singing cheerleader Santana Lopez for six seasons on the Fox musical-comedy Glee.

Son found on drifting boat

The actor had experience boating on the lake in Los Padres National Forest, authorities said. Surveillance video shows Rivera and her son, Josey Hollis Dorsey, leaving on the rented boat.

When the boat failed to return, its vendor found the vessel drifting in the northern end of the lake late Wednesday afternoon with the boy asleep on board. He told investigators that he and his mother had been swimming and he got back into the boat but she didn’t, according to a sheriff’s office statement.

The boy was wearing a life vest, and another life jacket was found in the boat along with Rivera’s purse and identification. Rivera is believed to have drowned “in what appears to be a tragic accident,” the statement said.

The boy, Rivera’s son from her marriage to actor Ryan Dorsey, was safe and healthy and with family members, authorities said. The couple finalized their divorce in June 2018 after nearly four years of marriage.

The most recent tweet on Rivera’s account, from July 7, read “just the two of us” along with a photo of her and her son.

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