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Lightworks , Adobe After Effects: How to fix AVCHD sound problem

January 14th, 2015

Re-wrap MTS to MP4


1. Download FFMBC, unzip it and find the bin folder.

2. Copy and paste it on to your desktop and rename it FFMBC.

3. Place your MTS file in this FFMBC directory.

3A. NOTE: FFMBC requires the Xvid codec to be already installed on your PC. If you don’t,  please download and install it from here.


4. Use Windows command prompt to navigate to this directory and copy and paste this command:

ffmbc -i input.mts -vcodec copy -acodec aac -ab 512k -strict experimental output.mp4

Change “input.mts” in the above string to the file name of your MTS file and change “output.mp4” to the name of the file you want as your converted file.

Your MTS file will be re-wrapped to an mp4 file which will be created in the same FFMBC folder.

If you are not confident navigating with the Windows command prompt use this method:

This Video tutorial shows a method (outlined below) of using a command line string without having to navigate in Windows Command Prompt.

1. Create a new text file and copy and paste this command string into it:

ffmbc -i input.mts -vcodec copy -acodec aac -ab 256k -strict experimental output.mp4

2. Change “input.mts” in the above string to the file name of your MTS file and change “output.mp4” to the name of the file you want as your converted file.

In this example I have a file named tom.mts and I want the converted file to be named tom.mp4

The command string I would use would be:

ffmbc -i tom.mts -vcodec copy -acodec aac -ab 256k -strict experimental tom.mp4

3. Save the text file with the file name AVCHD_2_MP4.txt, close the file, and rename the file extension from .txt to .bat

4. Place the bat file in the FFMBC directory along with your MTS file. Double click on the bat file and the black command prompt window will appear showing the details of your file conversion. The newly converted file will appear in the same folder when it completes.




Re-wrap MTS to MOV

MTS files can be re-wrapped to a mov container. At the moment this has to be done in two stages:

1. re-wrap the MTS video stream to a mov file
2. transcode the ac3 audio stream to uncompressed wav file

Import the mov file and wav files into Lightworks separately.

To re-wrap the video stream to mov use:

ffmbc -i input.mts -vcodec copy -an

And to transcode from AC3 to wav use:

ffmbc -i input.mts -vn -acodec pcm_s16le output.wav

Batch script for converting from MTS to MP4

This is a script for re-wrapping a batch of files from MTS for mp4.

Put ffmbc exe file in C:\Program Files\ffmbc\ directory.

Brief instructions: be sure that you have set an absolute path to the exe file (i.e. not in the same directory as the mts, otherwise you will have to change it every other time..), then

1. copy and paste the following code in a text file
2. rename the .txt to .bat as you usually do
3. keep it somewhere: you won’t need to repeat 1 & 2
4. put the MTS file you want to re-wrap in an empty directory as you always do
5. make a copy and paste of the .bat and put it in the same directory as the MTS file.
6. Double click on the .bat to execute it.

expected results:
– all your mts in a mts\ subdirectory
– all yout mp4 in a mp4\ subdirectory

DO (
md mts
md mp4

for %%f IN (*.mts) DO (
"C:\Program Files\ffmbc\ffmbc.exe" -i %%f -vcodec copy -acodec aac -strict experimental -ab 512k %%~nf.mp4

DO (
move *.mp4 "mp4\"
move *.mts "mts\"




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